LAX Opens a New Terminal—But It’s Only for VIPs

published May 21, 2017
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(Image credit: The Private Suite at LAX)

For many travelers, simply hearing the word airport induces instant anxiety. However, if you’re among the well-heeled making your way through LAX, there’s a new luxury terminal for VIP travelers that will definitely provide a welcome respite from the typical airport mayhem.

(Image credit: The Private Suite at LAX)

Dubbed “The Private Suite,” the exclusive $22 million terminal opened on May 15. It offers the ultimate service for its posh passengers, who can afford to not be stressed out when they travel. While everyone else handles their own luggage and waits in lengthy, mind-numbingly slow security lines, the Private Suite members have access to the absolute best travel in style package that could easily make an airport loather change their tune.

Travelers have their own TSA security lines and fancy suites in which they can wait for their flights in comfort. And instead of hoofing it to their flights in the company of other angst-ridden passengers, members are transported directly from the terminal to the tarmac in BMW 7-Series sedans.

(Image credit: The Private Suite at LAX)

But the perks hardly stop there. As outlined on the Suite’s website, members have access to a daybed for two and a private bathroom along with TVs, snacks, gadgets and wifi. They can also make arrangements for pre-flight manicures, massages, hair and makeup sessions or even be seen by a concierge doctor, all at no additional cost. An art gallery located on the premises is filled with rotating installations that are available for purchase, with the proceeds going to charity.

Obviously, living the lap of airport luxury obviously doesn’t come cheap, but that hasn’t deterred more than 1,200 people from purchasing the memberships, which cost $7,500 a year. An additional $2,700 service fee covers domestic flights for up to four people, while $3,000 applies to international flights. Non-members pay $3,500 for domestic flights and a $4,000 fee, which covers an international flight for up to three people.

And for those of us who aren’t in the 1%, maybe LAX will become less crowded without the celebs and the requisite paparazzi milling about (but we’re not holding our breath just yet).