This Lazy Susan Will Solve All of Your Kitchen Storage Problems

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Some days, it feels like we’ll never, ever (ever) have enough kitchen storage. No matter how many times we go full Marie Kondo on our cabinets, it’s like there’s never enough room. Fortunately, a very useful kitchen item is making a comeback: the lazy Susan. And it may just solve all of your kitchen storage problems. Or, at the very least, make it easier to find what you need.

If you’ve never seen a lazy Susan before, it’s a tray that rotates on a turntable. People usually place them in the middle of the dinner table to help distribute food, spices, and/or condiments to everybody; instead of asking someone to pass the green beans, you can just spin the lazy Susan until they end up in front of you. You’ve thought to put a lazy Susan on your kitchen table. But have you ever thought to put one on your kitchen counter or in your kitchen cabinet?

The Home Edit just launched a collaboration with The Container Store that features not one, not two, but three organizational lazy Susans. And they may just be the answer to all of your kitchen cabinet storage problems.

The nine-inch lazy Susan is ideal for organizing your most unruly cabinet. Stock it with your go-to items, like your most-used oils and spices, and you’ll never have to hunt for them again.

If you’re feeling extra Marie Kondo-y, you could get the lazy Susan that has dividers.

Or, if one tier of rotating goods isn’t enough, try this two-tier lazy Susan.

But why stop at your pantry? These lazy Susans can solve storage problems underneath your bathroom sink, too. They could also organize art supplies, school supplies, or office supplies. You could even put one in your refrigerator. Wherever you need storage but still like to keep select items handy, stick a lazy Susan. We’re glad it’s making a comeback.