Score the Dutch Oven of Your Dreams for Up to 50% Off from Le Creuset’s Massive Cookware Sale

updated Jan 10, 2020
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You know we can’t resist a good sale on quality cookware. And when we find one, we like to share the good news. Like right now. Le Creuset is currently hosting its Winter Specials sale, with steep discounts on its iconic cookware (including the cast iron skillet that made our best list) as well as cooking tools and utensils. At such affordable prices, it’s the perfect excuse to finally add some Le Creuset to your arsenal or to replace your old, scratched-up pieces for durable ones that offer a lifetime warranty. There’s a lot to choose from in this sale, but we rounded up some of our top picks below.

Credit: Le Creuset

Stew Pot, 2 1/2 Qt.

Queue up all the hearty stew recipes, because this 2 1/2-quart enameled cast iron stew pot is about to change your winter food game! The shallow design is perfect for meat dishes that call for slow simmering, since the sloped sides allow continuous movement even after the lid is in place. Plus, the pot’s loop handles make it easy to transfer the dish from the stovetop to the dinner table.

Buy: Stew Pot, 2 1/2 Qt., $250 $150

Credit: Le Creuset

Signature Oval Skillet

Meal prep is made much easier with this oval skillet. The wide surface area lets you easily grill a large batch of veggies or even up to five pieces of fish or chicken at one go. It’s also handy when cooking for a large family or dinner party. Le Creuset’s round skillet is also marked down a sweet 40 percent.

Buy: Signature Oval Skillet, $275 $193

Credit: Le Creuset

Braiser, 2 1/4 Qt.

If you’re in the market for a braiser, you can’t go wrong with this one. The extra-wide and shallow base lets you brown meats to perfection, while the enamel interior prevents sticking and ensures easy cleanup. Besides braising, the pot is great for sautéing, broiling, roasting, simmering, melting, and even steaming. Whew!

Buy: Braiser, 2 1/4 Qt., $250 $180

Credit: Le Creuset

Cookie Sheet

Put all those bent, burnt cookie sheets to rest and snag this nonstick beauty for 30 percent off. The double carbon-steel layers surround a pocket of air, lowering the temperature of the metal to ensure even baking all the way through. The angled rim is padded with heat-resistant silicone for added grip, making it easier and safer to transfer a full pan to and from a hot oven.

Buy: Cookie Sheet, $40 $28

Credit: Le Creuset

Heritage Oval Casserole, 4 Qt.

This beautiful oval casserole is one of my most prized wedding gifts and totally worth snagging at almost 30 percent off. For starters, cleaning burnt edges off the smooth stoneware surface has never been easier, and baked dishes consistently come out with a perfect golden crust. Also, it’s an attractive dish to keep on the dinner table during a party or to bring to a potluck.

Buy: Heritage Oval Casserole, 4 Qt., $110 $80

Credit: Le Creuset

Oval Dutch Oven with Grill Pan Lid

We love a piece of multitasking cookware! While your stew is simmering in the large Dutch oven, you can flip the lid over and grill veggies or meats to accompany it.

Buy: Oval Dutch Oven with Grill Pan Lid, $400 $240

Credit: Le Creuset

Signature Saucepan, 2 1/4 Qt.

Besides being an absolute looker, this saucepan has a cast iron enamel interior that lets you achieve the low to medium heat required to build vibrant, delicate sauces, while the contoured long handle makes transferring easy.

Buy: Signature Saucepan, 2 1/4 Qt., $220 $120

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