Leah Sakellarides of Velokova.com

Leah Sakellarides of Velokova.com

Gregory Han
Sep 8, 2011

Name: Leah Sakellarides of Velokova.com
Location: Southern California (Orange County)
Size: 100 square feet home office

Leah Sakellarides's blog, Velokova, is equal parts personal journal, adventure/travel blog, and gear guide. Drawn in equally by her stunning photos and the topic of a post titled, "Do you dream or do you plan?" we knew we had discovered a kindred spirit, her site filled with content challenging all to aspire for a life less ordinary, whether it be near home or while out seeking a new adventure. And in similar fashion, Leah's own home office reflects a deft balancing act of knowing style with the evident spirit of an adventurer strewn across her desk, all neatly equipped with the tools of her trade...

Tell us a bit about Velokova.com: I made up the word Velokova. "Velo" came from the term "escape velocity" (the speed needed to break free from a gravitational field) and "kova" from cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, (first female in space). Velo+kova = Girls breaking free.

I guess it all started with my particular disdain for the label "tomboy". Growing up, I never played with dolls or liked the color pink. I was and still am, a girl who loves video games, science, space, mountain biking, travel, photography, and hiking.  Some would say that makes me a tomboy. Well, I never liked that label because it suggests that those kinds of things are inherently masculine and I think that discourages girls from pursuing them. I want Velokova to be a creative and stylistic site for girls to explore these activities without being labeled. You can find everything from how to pack a backpack to interviews with inspiring women.

How would you describe your office? I work from my third story apartment overlooking the mountains of Orange County.  I do a number of things from writing my blog, making metal jewelry, and working on photo and video projects with my other half, Scott, who is a director and photographer. We have a separate office room where Scott works and my computer desk sits in the the living room by the kitchen.  

In terms of layout and organization of your work space, what are specific details that you're particularly proud of? If it doesn't get used, it gets the boot. I only keep the essentials around and eliminate the things I never use.  Current paperwork is kept in the file boxes underneath the desk and older files go into a larger file storage bin that I keep in the closet.  

What's on your desk/computer desktop at this moment? A few things on my desk are my iPhone, Fuji X100 camera, Riviera magazine, a Moleskine notebook, and a small handheld microscope that I've had since I was a kid.

On my computer desktop is a wallpaper image I shot of Machu Picchu, a digital travel guide to Greece, some GoPro video footage I took while mountain biking, and a black and white movie screenshot of the one and only, Gary Oldman.

What's your favorite tech tools for business and/or leisure? I'm in love with my Fuji X100 camera. It's a new digital rangefinder built in a classic camera body design. It takes such great photos and looks incredibly stylish. I never leave home without it.  Also, since everything I do involves a photo or video project, I can't function without the huge screen on my 27" iMac, my Canon 5D Mark II, my external memory card reader, or my G-raid mini to backup all my photos.

Favorite thing about your workspace? The mountain view!

What would you improve about your workspace? I'd buy a Herman Miller Aeron chair. I usually sit on a fitness ball to keep me from sitting at my desk all day, but when I'm editing photos for a couple of hours I need some real back support!

What inspires your blog? Exploring. Getting out of my comfort zone and doing something different. It could be anything from going on a road trip to the desert, learning how to surf, reading a chapter in a book about physics, or even just trying a new beer.  

Is it reflected in your workspace? I have photos on my walls of our treks in Peru, Mt. Whitney, and Kauai.  These treks pushed me to the extremes both mentally and physically. They were tough experiences that have shown me what I'm capable of.

Any tips or advice about office decor, layout, or organization?  Less is more. Having a clean, simple, and organized workspace allows for a clear mind so you can create new projects. Get rid of the things that you don't use so you can move forward. Clutter only holds you down. One good place to start is by hiding that big nest of wires behind your desk! I installed a wire organization rack that stores and hides all those wires. Instant declutter fix. 

Are you a blogger, designer, artist or musician with a stylish and well organized home office or creative space with technology thoughtfully incorporated into your decor? We'd love to share your space with our readers. Submit your space by contacting us via email with the subject line "Behing the Blog", some preview images and a short description of your space.

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