Learn How to Use a DSLR With an Online Camera Simulator

Learn How to Use a DSLR With an Online Camera Simulator

Jesse Leikin
May 11, 2011

Photography can be a creative and fulfilling hobby that can quickly turn into a passion, especially once you make the great leap from point and shoot to a DSLR model where adjusting the aperture, shutter and ISO can you give you more control of your photos. These types of features, once learned, allow for fascinating photographic tricks, but learning them can be daunting. However, with this great DSLR Camera Simulator, learning will be a breeze, even if you've yet to upgrade to a DSLR...

Whether you currently own an SLR camera or you are thinking about purchasing one, Camerasim.com is a great resource. Not only will you be able to learn how different lighting, focal length, ISO, aperture and more effect the outcome of your photos, but you will be able to experiment over and over again without outside influences effecting the photo. By having a control image and then tweaking subsequent photos, you are better able to understand the individual nuances of each setting and how they effect the overall outcome of the photo. Also, because the example photo provides a moving pinwheel, you have a great opportunity to see how adjusting the shutter speed effects objects that are moving quickly relative to their backgrounds.

This impressive simulator will not only help you gain a better understanding of an SLR's features, but it will also help train you on how to adjust your SLR depending on the different conditions you are facing. Also, by gaining a fuller understanding of how different things effect the overall picture, as a photographer you will improve your shooting arsenal and develop even more tricks to help create even more exciting and creative photos.

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