Learning Space Tour: Wildflowers and Marbles

Learning Space Tour: Wildflowers and Marbles

Tammy Everts
Aug 10, 2009

Children's nicknames and ages: Sweet Pea (12), Sparkly (8), Peanut (4), and Doodlebug (1)
Location: Huntsville, Alabama

We don't homeschool, but we draw endless inspiration from many bloggers who do. One such blogger is Jen, who chronicles her adventures in teaching her four (four!!!) children at her blog Wildflowers and Marbles. In her ten years as a homeschooler, Jen has amassed a wealth of information and resources, including the ability to convert her home's dining room into a creative yet organized learning environment. She recently gave her readers a VIP tour, showing how she incorporates everyone's needs - from her 12-year-old right down to her toddler - into one harmonious space.


You can get an idea of how deliciously sunny our space is in here. It is quite warm and inviting, which I love.

I did a lot to overhaul these spaces. They were working for us to a degree I suppose, but when I asked the children about the art spaces, their one comment was that it was hard for them to find what they needed, and if they didn't see it, they tended not to use it. It's quite cheery to look at now, and the children have already involved themselves in many art projects since it has been rearranged. That tells me I must have done something right!

I made use of another lovely glass storage item found very inexpensively... the desert glass. They are perfect for holding smallish art supplies like oil pastels, tiny markers, beeswax, etc. The bottom of these small desert glasses allow for easy grabbing, lifting, and transporting to the table. Perfect!

I really wanted to show you my storage cabinet. It is a very valuable item in here. Because I'm in a dining room, there is no closet for storage and there are some things you just don't want taking up space on your shelves! We bought the cabinet at Lowe's a few years ago. Rob built it and though it is quite sturdy, he anchored it to the wall with L brackets - it's goin' nowhere!

Sheesh...what's NOT in here??? :) I like keeping my copier in here, as well as the CD player. There are lots of school supplies in here - pens, pencils, paper, folders, more paper. The bottom left contains all my other crafting supplies. There are often tiny collections of this and that. I purchase very inexpensively small brown paper bags - like you'd pack a lunch in - and put the little groups together in the brown bags. I write the contents on the outside of the bag. You could certainly use ziplocs, but brown bags was what I had on hand, and I sort of like the look of paper. Ziplocs are useful, but they seem to look so cluttered once you dump them all together.

Thanks to Jen and her lovely family for the tour!

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