Learning To Let Go: Ignoring Unloved Features of Your Home

Learning To Let Go: Ignoring Unloved Features of Your Home

Tess Wilson
Sep 16, 2014
(Image credit: Tess Wilson)

When I got my first glimpse of what is now our new house, the two aspects that bothered me the most were the infamous 35-year old orange shag carpet and the ceiling tiles. The carpet was ripped out posthaste, but the tiles are here to stay... and now I really don't mind.

After that initial visit, I immediately searched for affordable, attractive Ceiling Concealment Strategies: fake tin ceiling panels, wallpapers, spray-on goop, draped fabric, veneer, paint — I was on a mission to replace the damn things. Though the ceiling panels were fortunately only in three rooms, they were low, and so they loomed. I explored all options, and they all seemed impossible and expensive.

The funny thing, though, is that once we actually started working on the house— ripping out carpet, installing flooring, gutting the bathroom, painting every room— the ceilings soon slipped my mind. There were too many urgent projects at hand to waste a moment thinking about a project with no solution. The work progressed and now we're all moved in, and neither of us ever mentioned the ceilings again after those first few weeks.

And now? I barely notice them. When I do I might sigh a little, but there's so much else to focus on: how the paint color changes throughout the day, where to hang treasured works of art, how to arrange the furniture in the most pleasing way, where to put all of our boots (we have a lot of boots). In the end, while I haven't learned to love the ceilings like I have our wood paneled room, I'm so happy in our little house that I can't waste a moment thinking about less-than-perfect ceilings.

Have you learned to ignore an unpleasant aspect of your home, especially if there's nothing that can be done about it? Or does it drive you crazy all the live-long day?

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