Learning to Live Small

Learning to Live Small

Sarah Coffey
Jan 16, 2009

Today in the Chicago Tribune we read an article by Mary Umberger that confirmed what we already knew: downsizing is happening all over the place. At Apartment Therapy, we've always thought that Small is Cool. Still, we know that moving from a three-bedroom to a studio isn't easy. So how do you deal if you're forced to downsize? One of the best ways is to learn how other people manage in small spaces...

According to Umberger's article, the type of people affected by downsizing range from aging Baby Boomers to single city dwellers. To address the range of small spaces and the people who inhabit them, we've rounded up a few of our favorite small-scale house tours and divided them up into three categories: single people in small apartments, roommates sharing small spaces, and families in small homes. Hopefully, you'll be able to find an inspiring example that gives you some ideas that apply to your own home.

Single People in Small Apartments:
Laura's Pared Down Perfection (250 sf)
Joseph D.'s Wicker Park Nest (400 sf)
Rajiv's Bangalore Wabi Sabi (500 sf)
Michelle's Starter Home (450 sf)
Amy's Vintage-Modern Nest (500 sf)
Laure's Constant Change (500 sf)

Sharing a Small Space:
Mason and Serena's Sunset Beach Bungalow (400 sf)
Mike and Bea's Raised Kitchen (407 sf)
David and Im's One Space (426 sf)
Tony and Hilary's 3 in 1 Studio (460 sf)
Gregory and Em's Silver Lake Sanctuary (639 sf)
T & T's Ramped-Up Bachelor Pad (700 sf)

Families in Small Homes:
The Janssen Family's Roving Abode (200 sf)
Max and Sara Kate's Small Really is Cool! (265 sf)
Family of Four's "Two Bedroom" Studio (640 sf)
New Family Home (725 sf)
Natalie, Nicholas and Arthur's Circus (872 sf)

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