5 Tips On Learning To Love What You Already Own

5 Tips On Learning To Love What You Already Own

Sarah Rae Smith
Feb 12, 2009

Often times when we feel constrained by our pocketbooks it's easy to acquire a serious case of the "gimmies." You might also know the gimmies by their other names such as: the "someday when I'm richies", the "I guess I could eat nothing but Ramenies" and the "if only I didn't have to pay the renties". All joking aside, it's easy when times are tough to only focus on the things that are out of reach and forget about all the great things you already own. Click through the jump to see our 5 tips on helping you learn to love what's already around you.

1. Clean - It sounds simple and obvious, but when we dust off and tidy up what we already own, it's not only easier to appreciate it, but use it as well! Do you love those side tables you saw last week? We do too, but we might love the one's we already have (or be more inspired to make some diy changes to them) if we were able to use them properly.

2. Mend, Fix & Repair - It's often times easier to donate or throw by the wayside, something that is in less than stellar condition. In a world where things clearance out every 3 months, it can seem tempting and financially viable to just purchase new (or even used) at the drop of a hat. Although we're not sure we would go as far as darning our own socks (not the standard white athletic ones anyway), making due with things around your home is far easier to do if things actually work or are in tip top shape. Appreciating the work it takes to keep things at such a standard is something that can be forgotten if we give into our, "if it's broke, buy a new one!" styled society.

3. Declutter - It's easy to acquire things during times when we aren't focused on the constriction of our pocketbook. That extra bit of "stuff and things" in our homes can often hold us back from truly loving the space we are in. Those who have gone through the Fall and Spring Cure with us can tell you... sorting through stuff you don't use, need, or 100% love can be hard, but is one of the most liberating processes to go through.

4. Wash Your Windows - The world is a little bit brighter and happier when your windows are clean. The natural light that pours in through windows that have been recently washed is amazing. Some might even say inspiring and uplifting. The same goes for mirrors and other glass surfaces in your home. Vases, plates, and glassware are all easily dusted/cleaned and make things a bit more sparkly when it's done regularly.

5. Don't Deny Yourself - For those who have ever attempted dieting, the the same principle applies. If you really want that headboard you saw online -- Go for it! Just make sure it's been budgeted and planned for financially. Thinning down what isn't used or can be sold on Craigslist can help rationalize the purchasing of a new item. Budgeting and planning ahead might also avoid rash decision making down the road. If you are forced to save a few weeks or months in advance before acquiring the desired item, it shouldn't diminish your appreciation and love for the item when the trends change or you can afford it.

How do you appreciate the things in your home? Leave us your tip in the comments below!

Photo courtesy of Monica and the Midwest Fall Cure Flickr Pool.

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