Learning to Love Your Home: Take an Apartment Journey

Learning to Love Your Home: Take an Apartment Journey

Janel Laban
Aug 10, 2011

Every so often, I get an email from a reader that tells me that our mission is coming through loud and clear; that you "get" us. Michael sent a thoughtful note along with a link to a beautiful collection of quick photos he snapped one weekend when he was stuck inside. He and his girlfriend are clearly in the midst of busy, creative lives, but by taking the time out to really SEE his apartment (through the very accessible magic of Hipstamatic) he's got a new appreciation for its beauty, utility and uniqueness. He understands and loves his home that much more and it didn't take a coat of paint, a new sofa or even one thin dime…

Images from Michael's Apartment Journey

Here is what Michael wrote:

So much of what Apartment Therapy is about is discovery and awareness. And this philosophy of living spaces has always been at the forefront of how I collect and arrange my home.

So when I was stuck in bed with a sprained ankle this weekend, it wasn't long before I decided to battle cabin fever with some mindful exploration. I started looking for unique angles, small vignettes arranged by my girlfriend, or gathered in their own organic way (messes). I looked for textures and viewpoints that I miss in my daily busyness. I even caught a couple of cat naps that I rarely see when working late hours.

Using the only camera I had in reach, Hipstamatic on my iPhone, I hobbled from room to room and created a personal record of a journey that I take too rarely for all its accessibility — It's my Apartment Journey.

This is such a great exercise on multiple levels - it adds to your emotional connection to your home and creates an opportunity for design improvements. Taking a step back and seeing your home's objects, arrangements, colors and textures through photos allows you to evaluate and appreciate them in a different way, opening up the door for both change and acceptance.

If you are inspired to take your own "apartment journey", we'd love to see the results. Good luck on your interior adventuring!

Many thanks, Michael!

Images: Michael Kiser via flickr, used with permission

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