Learning Tower Add-Ons

We’ve always liked that the Learning Tower helped get more kids (safely) up to the level of kitchen counters or other tables to observe and help their parents with baking, cooking or playing in the sink. But if you live in a small space you likely can’t invest in a piece of furniture with this singular use. So we were happy to notice at the recent Toy Fair that there are now add-ons for it including an art easel and playhouse kit.

These add-ons expand the functionality of the Learning Tower and make an argument for adding it to a playroom (if you have one), living room or bedroom and then bringing it into the kitchen when your kids want to use it there.

The art easel ($60) comes in 9 different woods/colors and has a chalkboard on one side and dry erase board on the other. It can also be hung on a wall. The playhouse kit ($35) includes a fabric roof, curtains and four signs for different modes of play – puppet show, drive-thru, lemonade stand or dollhouse.

Find them as well as the Learning Tower at Little Partners.