LED Diaper Bag & Other Great Gifts For Geeky New Parents

LED Diaper Bag & Other Great Gifts For Geeky New Parents

Joelle Alcaidinho
Mar 18, 2011

If you are anything like us, you strive to bring gifts to baby showers that not only are well received by the parents but also reflect a little bit of your own personality. Anyone can pick up a set of pacifiers, but can any shower attendee lavish upon geeky parents an amazing DIY LED diaper bag? I think not. Check out this roundup for some gift ideas that are just perfect for the baby nerd.

Great Gift Ideas For New Parents That Love Tech:

1) LED Diaper Bag: Why does a diaper bag need LEDs? This project from Instructables user Jnorby uses the LED lights as an indicator for what items are in the bag, giving frazzled new parents a visual reminder to bring all of the essentials.

2) Geeky Onesies: Check out Etsy for some adorable onesies just perfect for the baby nerd, like this set made just for twins by Funkymonkeythreads and this Space Invaders onesie from Kelandchelle. $27 & $8

3) Goodnight Sleep Trainer: Developed by a pediatrician, Dr. Tucker, this device is to help parents find a balance between letting a baby cry, self-soothe back to sleep, and when to provide the baby with comfort. Since all of the new parents we know more often than not seem to struggle with finding this balance, we think this might be a very well received piece of tech. $30

4) Baby Monitoring App: A budget gift suggestion for the smartphone toting parents, give an app that will let parents know when the baby wakes like this one from CodeGoo. $5

5) MobiCam Digital Wireless Baby Monitoring System: On the other end of the price spectrum for baby monitoring is this video monitoring system from MobiCam. This system allows you to remotely monitor up to 3 different cameras from a distance of up to 450 feet. The cameras have a wide angle lens and a set of IR LEDs that circle the lens in order to provide visibility up to 30 feet away in complete darkness...not bad for a baby monitor. The MobiCam Digital 'starter kit' includes the monitor and a single camera for $189.99, additional cameras are $99.95 a piece. The internet kit costs $59.95.

What are some great gifts for geeky new parents that you've given?

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