Ledges & Shallow Shelves: Hanging Art Without Commitment

The Brown-Arsenault-Ruggiero home is a visual smorgasbord of vignettes. One that I especially loved was in John Ruggiero’s bedroom, composed on a simple black ledge over his bed. If you have a large collection of art or photography, ledges are a wonderful way to show off your pieces. You can change things around without the commitment and bother of having multiple holes in your walls. Here are some wonderful examples from our archives.

  • Three Men & A Home Filled With Photography: While a ledge over the bed might strike some as precarious, it’s a great way to keep favorite pieces close at hand without cluttering up the nightstand. And, if you’re lacking a nightstand, it’s a great place to clip on a lamp or two or keep your iPhone just far enough out of reach so that, if you use it as an alarm, you’ll have to do more than just reach up to turn it off, meaning less likelihood of sleeping through the alarm.
  • Abby’s Cozy Boho: In my house, a ledge in the dining room not only holds favorite photographs but I also use it to hold glass votives. They give off enough light to eat by without taking up valuable real estate on a table filled with food.
  • Rebecca’s Loving Living Small Home Office: In Rebecca’s home office, a double row of ledges full of colorful art, framed articles and favorite photographs are not only a constantly changing gallery of inspiration but provide a lively focal point.
  • Picture Rail Shoe Organizer: Of course, ledges can be used for displaying more than just art. Here, a collection of high heels is proudly displayed and organized.
  • Clark’s Cozy Lodge: In this kid’s room, a bright orange ledge zips around the room becoming a focal point. Try this in your grown up room — it’s a clever way to add a dash of color to an otherwise low key space.

Images: as linked above