LED-Illuminated, Semi-Electronic Baby Log Book

LED-Illuminated, Semi-Electronic Baby Log Book

Taryn Williford
Jun 4, 2010

Even if you've never had a kid, you can tell what kind of parent you'll be. If you're the type of person that meticulously keeps a planner to write down everything from meeting times to grocery lists, you'll be the type of parent that jots down your kid's feeding times and sleep schedule to keep your new family's life in order. For you, the obsessive-compulsive-note-taker, we recommend putting the Skip Hop Day-to-Night Baby Log on your shower registry.

The Skip Hop Day-to-Night Baby Log Book ($39, SkipHop.com) is an old-school, pen-and-paper way to keep track of your baby's schedule for their first 6 months of eating, sleeping and pooping.

But in addition to the paper binder, the Skip Hop log includes a digital "time capsule."

A lit-up clock at the center of the book makes new entries a simple task—even at night. Four LED lights also illuminate the log pages to make taking notes even at the middle of the night a bit easier. Plus, there's a built-in timer that can let you know when it's time for the next feeding.

Any baby log is helpful, even if it's just a legal pad and pencil. But the addition of a little bit of simple technology makes your log book the perfect all-in-one stop for taking care of baby. Now if we could just get a diaper-changing robot, we'd be set.

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