LEGO Architectural Sets

We’ve posted about the gorgeous LEGO Frank Lloyd Wright sets before, but did you know that LEGO has also made sets of other landmark buildings, including the Empire State Building, John Hancock Center, and Seattle Space Needle?

The sets are beautiful in and of themselves, but we also love that LEGO’s architectural artists offer their own LEGO-based interpretations of the unique construction challenges of each building. For example, when designing the model for the John Hancock Center, LEGO artist Adam Reed Tucker notes that:

“This model offered our first real design challenge. The real building has sloping sides at two different opposing angles that compound each other at the buildings 4 corners. This, especially at this scale, was nearly impossible to achieve. So, I relied on a bit of illusion to help imply the angles since a literal interpretation could not be done aesthetically or structurally. The illusion is simply achieved by viewing the model at a perspective; the alternating setbacks strategically located at key points naturally create 2 opposing slopes right before your eyes.”

So, okay, maybe your average 10-year-old may not care about quite this level of detail, but you do, and isn’t the definition of a perfect gift something that the whole family can enjoy?

For more back story behind these models, as well as ordering information, visit Architecture.