Lehman’s Life: Alternatives to Draino? How About Hair Loss?

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My hair has been falling out in handfuls for a few months (very upsetting!) and now my tub drain is blocked up, despite the screen I was using.

Does anyone have any recommendations for environmentally friendly alternatives to Draino? I just can’t stand the idea of somebody downstream from me drinking that stuff!

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Also, any ideas about how to keep my hair from falling out? I exercise, I’m not sick as far as I know, and I have a pretty good diet, though it could be better. The women in my family don’t have a history of female-pattern baldness. I’ve been terribly nervous about the Presidential election…

Thanks, Crystal

Diane from Michigan:

My mother, who ALWAYS used Draino once a month for clear drains, puts a spoonful of baking soda down her drains once a month and then pours vinegar over it instead. It works well for her.

Tony and Joyce:

You may need to go to a doctor and have your Thyroid checked…

as some ( me)
people were losing their hair and it turned out to be Thyroid problem. I am
not saying it is but doesn’t hurt to see. Also there’s a site – www.alternatives-by-t-j.com that has some intersesting things on it….


It’s too late in the year to do this now, but when the stinging nettles come up in the spring, in the woods, and last all summer, make a habit of picking and steeping in hot water to a tea. Always rinse your hair with the tea after washing, until you don’t have the problem any more.


Old fashioned red devil lye (read the instructions!) is a pretty natural “organic clog” remover. It’s highly caustic, but once it’s done with its reaction to moisture and finished doing the job it’s just as harmless as soap. (Actually that’s what old fashioned soap is, lye water and fats).

I don’t have the hair in the drain problem anymore, as I wash my hair in my washtub 🙂 But it used to be quite the issue!


Dont panic about your hair — most likely it is a change in hormone levels–try some Biotin, its a great supplement for hair and nail health. Calcium would also be important. I dont have any suggestions for the drain. I usually call the plumber so he can snake it out rather than pour down the Drano. I have a friend who uses a little bleach down the drain once a week to keep it flowing well. Good luck!


Many hair clogs are easily corrected with ordinary hair conditioner. Just buy the cheapest conditioner you can find and dilute with one part of water and dump a bunch of it in the drain…


As for environmentally friendly alternatives to Draino, you can check