Lehman’s Non-Electric Catalogue

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Lehman’s Non-Electric Catalog just arrived, and Maxwell over at AT NY has plenty to say about it. “With over two-hundred new products and temptingly low prices, it can be a little overwhelming. After all, the point is to not amass more stuff. The point is to only have what you need.”

While we couldn’t agree more, we West-coasters do have our earthquakes and finding appliances that don’t rely on electricity does sound tempting.

Not just for black-outs, there are cool products like the Texas Pea Sheller, the Hand Cranked Blender, the super-sized 20-quart Ice Cream Maker.

Little gadgets like Pie Crust Shields and Egg Separators are almost too good to resist.

There’s even some good old-fashioned cooking tools that we all might use like French-Style Rolling Pins, Terra Cotta Pie Pans, both round and rectangular Pizza Stones, and Lodge Cast Iron Cookware (including the beloved 2-sided griddle).

Go on, live the simple life.

Thanks Maxwell!