Lenovo Pocket Yoga: The Netbook You've Always Wanted

Lenovo Pocket Yoga: The Netbook You've Always Wanted

Range Govindan
Mar 18, 2009

Imagine that this is your little netbook, the one that actually fits in your pocket that you take with you everywhere. It's the perfect size to do some browsing, check up recipes in the grocery store, and just have a computer with you for computer-like tasks. Stay in touch with your buddies, check out the latest gossip on Facebook, it could do everything. The only trouble is that this is a 2-year old concept by Lenovo and that Sony just released a netbook that looks very similar to this one.

It might look like a wallet, but it's not! It's actually a concept netbook from Lenovo from 2 years ago! Considering that the Sony VAIO P just came out and it looks very similar to this one, it's a wonder that Lenovo didn't produce theirs. Personally, I'm getting sick of the cheap netbook look. It's time for a bit of glamor in those small form factors. Enough with the cheap plastics!

Initially, the Lenovo Pocket Yoga was leaked to the press a few days ago. Most of the sites were loving this little gizmo, even though I found the shape a bit odd. No had been released, but it's been speculated that something this size would run on Intel Atom processors. The photos emphasize that the Pocket Yoga fits in your pocket and doesn't really look like a netbook at all when it's all closed up.

Ever since I remember, Sony has been toying with small netbooks at premium prices. Only when Asus came out with Eee PCs did we actually see cheap netbooks. Until them, we had all these tablets and UMPCs which were really small but extremely expensive. The Sony VAIO continues with that theme. Expensive, small, but at the end of the matter insignificant. With a starting price of $900 and only a 4-hour battery life, people will soon forget the P Series and move onto other products.

It's good that netbooks are around. They are popular and are pushing manufacturers to come up with cheap and easy solutions to people's computing problems. Just recently, Dell announced the Adamo specs and prices. The Adamo is Dell's stylish portable notebook, kind of like the MacBook Air. It's also frightfully expensive, and seriously, at that price, people will just get MacBook Pros instead. So what if it's a tenth of an inch thinner than a MacBook Air? [via GearCrave, images by Lenovo via Flickr]

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