Lessons From Places You Love: 5 Ideas to Steal From Your Favorite Design Store

Lessons From Places You Love: 5 Ideas to Steal From Your Favorite Design Store

Adrienne Breaux
Jun 19, 2015

Is there a favorite design store you love revisiting time and time again? Along with the new products you might be going in to drool over, do you ever stop to steal inspiration for your home's decor in other ways? There are lessons you can learn from your favorite design store...here are five ideas to look out for next time you're on a shopping trip.

What the overall mood is

The next time you walk into your favorite design store, whether it's a local business or a popular chain, pause at the front door to take in the feel of the space, first. How's the lighting? Is it dim and dramatic, with spotlights pooling on certain design elements or areas? Is it flooded with light? Is it quiet and serious? Or loud and raucous? Try to identify how your favorite store makes you feel — take down a list of design and visual elements that are adding to that feel — and then take an inventory to bring back to your home if it's lacking.

The smell

Design stores don't just look great; don't they tend to also smell so good? Your favorite spot will probably be more than willing to share any smell-good secrets with you so you can bring that smell back to your place (bonus if it's something they sell and you can buy it that day!).

Vignette ideas

Design stores are always working on appealing ways of displaying merchandise so that you might be tempted to take something home. That kind of arranging attractiveness could be translated into an idea you can take home, too. Next time you're in a store, take a look at their tabletops, corners and shelves to see how they're mixing and matching small-scale design elements to create a dynamic look — and take notes!

DIY wall-art ideas

Before you even walk into the store, check out their window displays. Chances are the creative mix of products and objects will be something that might spark a DIY art idea you can translate to your home.

New color combinations

Design stores — with their library of products, large showrooms and time to experiment — tend to take more chances with their furniture areas than you might. So let them do the experimenting for you. Either take notes of interesting or unique color combinations they're exploring in current displays, or ask if you can throw together some wild color ideas you've been having temporarily together using their items (with their permission, of course).

And of course, make sure ideas are the only thing you steal from your favorite design store next time you visit!

What are some design ideas (other than new products) you've taken home from a design store?

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