Let Us Help You Make the Holidays Happier for a Special Someone

published Oct 31, 2016
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Do you have someone in your life who you’d love to celebrate by surprising them with a gift this holiday season? Someone who might not expect a present from you but who would, of course, be so happy to know you care? Is there a neighbor, or an old teacher, or someone you love but haven’t talked to in a long time – that you want to honor with a present?

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We all know that the true joy of the holidays is in the giving, not the receiving and we want to help spread a little holiday magic by letting the world join in on making a special someones’ day with a gift. We’re looking for a few people who are willing to share the “why” behind a gift they want to give this year on camera. We’ll buy the present – within a reasonable budget 🙂 – and then follow along as you give it to the person you care about. Can we help make your gift-giving dream come true? Submit below!

We want to share sweet, fun stories of gift giving – the kind that can happen around the holidays, such as the kid bringing cookies to the old lady up the street, surprising a great co-worker, remembering a teacher that made a big impact in your life, or connecting with someone you are finally ready to reconcile with and want to do it with a gift.

We want to capture stories that will inspire and ignite our community with how good it feels to give something real. Because no matter how many gifts we will end up buying and making this holiday season, we all know what really matters are the stories behind why we are giving them, and our relationship with the person we are giving them to. Thank you for sharing your heart with us this season!

(*Note – we are looking for stories in LA, NY or Chicago please!)