Let's Get this Party Started: 12 Fly Dance Videos for House Party Inspiration

Let's Get this Party Started: 12 Fly Dance Videos for House Party Inspiration

Julia Brenner
Oct 29, 2015

It's almost Halloween weekend, which means it's time for some dance party inspiration for all you Donald Trumps, Ruth Bader Ginsburgs, ironic Minions, people-with-overly-conceptual-costumes-that-no-one-gets-so-you-have-to-keep-explaining-what-you-are, and even you, last minute folks who will try to pass off sunglasses as a costume. Get out there and shake ya tail feather, or your "Make America Great Again" hat...or your gavel.

1. Quick! Grab a buddy and practice these moves. Just kidding, you'll absolutely hurt yourself. But here's to all of you who make it look effortless.

2. Vintage Rockabilly. Cheers to people who know how to dance together.

3. Oh man, do I have a crush on this video. Watch the guy in the middle. He is in the Nitty Gritty zone. Three cheers for anyone who's in the zone.

4. '60's London...mod fashion...Twiggy...and adorable dancing. You just can't beat adorable dancing.

5. As the caption states: "My Favorite Soul Train Line Dance." Mine too. If this gem doesn't get you dancing at your desk a little...

6. Mr. Rogers breakdancing. What else can we hope for, really?

7. This one goes out to all of you who bust out with entire dance routines at parties. Take note of the kid in the vest in the McDonald's sequence. He is not having it, and there's nothing like that one person who's not buying what you're selling on the dance floor. But these two just keep on keepin' on. Amen to keepin' on with those complicated dance routines you practiced at home.

8. We all know Beyonce is an amazing dancer, but I love this so much because it's the joy of two friends (in this case, sisters) dancing together. Here's to the magic that happens when good friends get things popping.

How to Dance Goth from APBS on Vimeo.

9. For the goth dancers out there (I feel like that is going to be a very small percentage of you), this is spot on. "Lesson #2: Have a Cappuccino"..."You're not cool enough for Cappuccino." Exactly.

10. Ok, these are the guys you hope show up at your Halloween dance party.

11. And these are the girls you hope show up at your Halloween dance party.

12. Last but certainly not least, some classic moves to MJ to gear up for getting down.


If you're in need of a laugh—and aren't we all?—watch this wonderfully terrible instructional video from 1950 that contains life lessons like, "Uh-oh, Dotty is wearing sequins. Please, girls, DON'T wear sequence." Wisdom, guys, wisdom.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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