Let’s Reflect: Every Wall In This Arizona Condo Is Mirrored

published May 16, 2017
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You won’t know where one room ends and the next begins in this Arizona condo. Not because they’re particularly large spaces, but because every single vertical surface is covered in mirrors. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

We’ve definitely espoused the benefit of a mirror for a bit of small space trickery, but this owner may have gone a little overboard. Clocking in at (a not crazily small) 850 square feet, this one bedroom, one bath condo in Phoenix has mirrors on every conceivable wall surface.

Mirror walls in the living room? Check. The dining area? All the better to see your dinner in. You might think the kitchen would be mirror-free, but you would be wrong. Both the upper and lower cabinets are, in fact, mirrored.

The bedroom swaps the thin, beveled mirror panels in the reception areas for more traditional mirror, and well, it’s the Inception of bedrooms, repeating itself from bed to infinity. And if that weren’t enough, even the bedroom dressers have mirrored fronts. You know, just in case you miss your reflection in any of the other surfaces.

In fact, the only place to escape this endless hall of mirrors is in the shower enclosure (the rest of the bathroom is—you guessed it—mirrored, including the vanity). And the patio area, which seems quite naked without even a whisper of a mirror to be found.

I have some burning questions about this place that I’m sure you’re also asking yourselves. The complex was built in 1983, but that alone might account for a single mirrored wall, maybe two. Someone chose this.

Are they perhaps an heir to the Windex fortune? How do you keep your entire apartment from being covered in fingerprints? Also, could they possibly be Narcissus, walking around and living their very reflective life in Arizona? Who else can look at themselves that much? Also, it could very well be a fire hazard.

Anyway, if you’re very into mirrors (or are willing to do a little demoing) the place is on the market for $140,000.