Let's Talk Strollers

Let's Talk Strollers

Yesterday's buzz about the Bugaboo Donkey left us with strollers on the brain. Most savvy parents try to make informed gear purchases to minimize waste and get the most value out of their purchase, but strollers can be tough. Car seats or cribs are generally straightforward, but the ways that we use our strollers vary so much from family to family that it's impossible to find a one-size-fits-all solution.

Lifestyle and usage tend to inform criteria. Some parents go off-road while others need to navigate skinny urban sidewalks, not to mention the city dwellers who head to the country on weekends. One caregiver may want a tricked out condo on wheels while the next is in search of a stripped down, utilitarian stroller. Then there are the joggers. Add more than one child into the mix and it gets even more complicated with doubles, triples, jump seats, buggy boards, or convertibles like the Baby Jogger City Select and the eagerly anticipated Bugaboo Donkey.

We want to hear from Ohdeedoh readers. Did you get it right the first time around or did you have buyer's remorse? Have you found everything you want in a single stroller or did you buy another? And another? How many do you own?

(Confession: I recently acquired the monster pictured above, the Mountain Buggy Urban Triple. With newborn twins and a toddler I was desperate for something that could get us out of the house without getting into the car. MB stopped manufacturing it a few years ago due to lack of demand so I found mine on craigslist. So far I love it, and I'm not telling how many strollers I own.)

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