Letter From Vermont: Bundling Your Time

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This is from Kristin Eckhardt, who just started a small business helping people organize their homes up in Vermont.

Dear Maxwell,

The organizing/zhooshing enterprise is small but thriving. I am doing it with a friend and we are loving it!

I have a tip: we are working with a family whose paperwork and boxes of stuff are overwhelming them, so after having a session with one of them, we group bundles of papers/things together in a box with labels on each group as to how long it might take to go through and pitch/sort the stuff.

So, instead of feeling overwhelmed by another box, a person can say,”I have 15 minutes right now, I’ll find a ’15 minute’ bundle and deal with it.”

It has made going back to this house each week so much easier, because people are dealing with their stuff and the upkeep is much more streamlined for all of us as we wade through their home. Just a little idea. Hope you are well.

Sincerely, Kristen