This Incredibly Stylish, Stain-Resistant Dining Table Survived My Super Messy Game Night — It’s the Only One I’ll Ever Need (It’s on Sale!)

updated Feb 16, 2023
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Credit: Levity

Since I’ve lived in New York, my apartments have never had a “third room.” It’s always been just my bedroom, which was tiny, and my living room, which was also tiny. However, I recently moved into a two-bedroom spot with my girlfriend, and I finally have that coveted third space — and let me be the first to tell you, it rocks. We decided it was going to be a dining room, and while that might seem like a given for a lot of people, it’s totally new to me. The idea of having a place to eat meals that isn’t on the couch, hunched over the coffee table in front of the TV, is killer. I had already purchased some chairs from IKEA, so all that was left was selecting a dining room table.

A few of my rowdy friends have yet to settle down, so I needed a piece of dining room furniture that would be able to hold up against spilled drinks, hot coffee circles, and errant scratches. And (despite my palatial, 600-square-foot apartment), my table couldn’t be too big, or it’d block the walkway into my living room. So, I settled on a circular table that I could tuck into the corner of my would-be dining room — the only issue was that most of the models that I was looking through were either a) too expensive, or b) too big and heavy to lug up my two-story walk-up. Thankfully, I stumbled upon The Round Dining Table from Levity, my Goldilocks piece. 

This piece fit my apartment’s aesthetic perfectly, and checked off all of my boxes in terms of durability, look, and size. It comes in two finishes, Walnut and White Oak, both of which are inoffensive and easy to pair. I went with Walnut to match some of my other furniture, and I’m glad I did. The piece is inspired by mid-century designs, and rounded corners, long lines, and tapered legs come together to form a modern silhouette. The table is made with high-quality materials that feel sturdy, including a solid ashwood frame and an oak veneer, and setup was — honestly — a breeze. It’s just four legs that attach to the tabletop with some bolts, and they throw in an Allen key, so there’s no extra tools required. 

The coolest part of the table, though, is that it comes with a Life-Proof coating that protects against heat, water, and “game night messes.” Basically, Levity says that you don’t have to worry about sweaty glasses of ice water and their inevitable water-rings; you can place hot plates and bowls right on the table; and there’s no need for placemats. If you’re thinking that sounds too good to be true, you’re not alone — I had to test it out for myself to become a believer. 

Credit: Ian Burke

Because the brand assured me that game night messes would be no match for the Life-Proof coating, I decided to throw one. While I didn’t really think it was beer-proof and scratch-resistant, I told my friends not to worry about coasters, and after a night of UNO, Cards Against Humanity, too many shaken-up Presidentes — and too few coasters — I thought I had done enough damage to be in dire straights for writing this article. The next morning, however, when I wiped off all of the crusted-on pizza sauce and beer foam, I was greeted with the exact same shiny, walnut finish that greeted me when I first opened the box. And, while I probably wouldn’t throw it down a flight of stairs, whack it with an icepick, or burn it with a lighter, I have to say, the Life-Proof coating is pretty darn tough. 

So, if you’re in the market for a gorgeous dining room table that’s easy to set up, built to last, and won’t immediately get wrecked after you, your kids, or your careless buddies have their way with it, look no further than The Round Dining Table from Levity — and, it’s on sale right now with code PRES23!

BUY: The Round Dining Table, $594.15 (normally $699)