Lexon Introduces Sustainably Powered Tech

We all feel a little better when we know we’re using items that were made from sustainable products. It also helps when those sustainably made products are this good looking.

Lexon has been trying to produce sustainable products for quite some time now. We think this is their most successful attempt. You really can’t go wrong with bamboo &mash it’s a sustainable product, can be used in many mediums and it’s really pretty. And we can’t forget to mention maize bio-plastics, corn can be used for more than just food.

Lexon‘s new line is comprised of a crank-up radio, cell-phone-like pocket flashlight, calculator, wall clock and travel clock (a few more that are available on their website) &mdash most of which are powered by the sun. Yes, powered by the sun. The radio uses it’s crank arm to get power, and the clock and calculator use the sun as well. The few products in the line that don’t use the sun to power them, don’t need power at all.

The crank arm radio allows you to plug your iPod into it and can play mp3’s. Lexon’s website doesn’t give any details if these products will actually make it to store shelves, but we certainly have our fingers crossed.

[via Core77]