LG HS102 Projector: Movies on Your Wall of Choice

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Ever feel like it’d be so much easier if you could pocket that projector and throw it up on any random white wall around the house to watch TV or a movie? LG hears ya – in fact, they’ve created an ultra mobile projector just for that feeling we just described! It gets better; if you don’t have a laptop, you could just load some DivX movies onto a thumbdrive and plug it into the USB slot and take advantage of their codec support.

There’s also a built-in rechargable battery that gets you about 2 hours per charge – about the time of a movie or extra-long presentation. The native resolution is only 800×600, so high definition addicts may want to stay away. However, when released here (it’s only available in Korea for now), the MSRP should run somewhere near $555. Not too shabby for the amount of options you get.

Those interested in converting movies to DivX format can get their free converter.

[via Engadget]