LG's Most Wanted Film Gadgets

LG's Most Wanted Film Gadgets

Taryn Williford
Mar 19, 2009

Unplggd blogger Anthony put together his own list of what technology from movies we'd like to get our grubby little mits on in real life. Check it out if you haven't seen it already. But turns out, electronics company LG did an actual survey a few winks back asking respondants what movie gadgets they'd want to have in real life. Decide for yourself, then click through to see if your choice is on the list...

It looks like a bunch of people are control freaks, with almost a quarter of all respondants saying they'd want the remote control from Adam Sandler's Click. Tied for second place was the DeLorean time machine from, of course, Back to the Future and Men in Black's memory eraser.

My choice didn't make the list. I'd want to have that 3D sonar system from The Dark Knight that that triangulates cellphone signals and renders the sound of their communication into a 3-D visual map.

  1. Click remote control (23%)
  2. Back to the Future car/M.I.B. memory eraser (16%)
  3. James Bond's car (11%)
  4. Lightsaber from Star Wars (9%)
  5. Batman's Batmobile (8%)
  6. James Bond's watch (with laser-cutting function) (6%)
  7. Batman's utility belt (5%)
  8. Inspector Gadget's Go-Go gadget arms (4%)

[ Via Pocket Lint and Yahoo Finance ][ Image from LA Times ]

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