Liana's January Cure: My Fourth Week

Liana's January Cure: My Fourth Week

This week of the January Cure continues with an ever deeper level of organization and refreshing of the home. This week, I organized my papers and magazines (both items that can easily run amuck when not kept in check, for me anyway), worked on my cord situation (we all have one), and gave my medicine cabinet a complete makeover, making it the most cheerful place in my home at the moment. Then I adjusted the lighting in the living room and visited the florist for a little jolt of yellow in place of the sun, who has been holding out on New Yorkers quite a bit lately.

Day 14: Get papers and files in order.
The most important part of getting papers in order is to find a filing system. For me, in addition to sorting the papers piled up on my desk and magazines piled up around the house, by the bed, the couch and even in the kitchen, I needed to find a place to put them. For some of the magazines, I will tear out what I want and add it to my cork board, and others I'll be keeping in one piece to use as reference (the Domino Magazine collection, for instance). I also separated out my papers into categories and got a white magazine holder from IKEA for each topic. Now it's a matter of putting the papers away when I am ready to file them.

Day 15: Exercise a little cord control.
On the television console where the record player, records and speakers live, I made room in one of the baskets below where cords are tucked away and a power strip keeps everything functioning.

Day 16: Give your bathroom and medicine cabinets a cleanout.
This was my favorite of this week's assignments. My medicine cabinet was badly in need of a fresh coat of paint and a reorganization. There were products that needed to be tossed, and it was not a pleasant sight. Once I got started, I decided that just painting and cleaning wouldn't cut it. I like to keep things pretty minimalistic in the rest of my home, but this was an opportunity to have a little fun just for fun's sake. I looked and looked for a contact paper that I could add to the back, but was not able to find anything I liked. What I did find, though, was in the form of wrapping paper. This made the project a bit more challenging. I asked for advice from a variety of sources and took photos throughout, and will be sharing the process in an upcoming post. It was a little extra work, but now it's a little area that makes me smile.

Day 17: Take a look at your living room lighting.
The right lighting is probably the most important thing in a home. I prefer a variety of lamps in corners of the room to create a layered lighting situation that can be adjusted to my needs and the time of day. I also like candle light mixed in. I added a new light bulb to one of my corner lamps, and repositioned to it to maximize coziness.

Day 18: Weekend chores, flowers, living room, empty the outbox.
In the winter, I like small, strong flowers that will last as long as possible. Last week, I bought two different kinds to fill my little medicinal vases, and while the purple flowers are holding strong, the others quickly wilted. This week I added some smaller, stronger (and hopefully longer lasting) flowers to the mix. I like the way the little bursts of yellow subtly add a bit of cheer.

In the process of arranging, one of the flowers got accidentally cut, and I was pleased when I found a way to save it and enjoy it instead of tossing it out. I made new use of a tiny bowl I usually use to store little jewelry pieces on my dresser and can now enjoy a tiny bit of floral goodness on my dresser.

To be continued!

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