Libby’s Vintage Home and Garden

libbys.jpgFirst posted 9/6/05

While we can’t remember the last time we purchased anything from Libby’s, walking into the tiny little shack of a store can transport you to a summer day in Maine… piling into the station wagon for lobsters and penny candy down at Five Islands.

While not for the “Less Than Zero” crowd, Libby’s has the sweetest outdoor accessories, like rusted rod-iron chairs and glazed pots that look like they’ve been swiped off the old lady next door’s front porch steps.

Alecs pics 039.jpgAmong some of the delights are these recycled tin boxes (set for $30), and these funny Sardine Label Bowls ($18-$26). Libby’s also offers up Prop Rentals, Gift Registry, and Garden/Patio Design.

At the end of the day, if you like to putter in the garden or are always looking for something to plant a bulb in, this store is for you.