Ideas for Your Books, Bookshelves and Library

What do we love more than libraries, bookcases, bookshelves, and the organizing and beautifying of libraries here on Apartment Therapy? Well, we’re not quite sure if we love anything more. And in terms of ideas for your library, 2009 did not disappoint.

1 Add unique bookends, like this “Bookushion,” or a light modeled after the lamps in the New York Library.
High and Low: Gifts for the Home Library by Susie Nadler

2 Put your books in your dining room.
Look! Library Dining Rooms by Kristen Lubbe

3 Or, put a bookcase in the kitchen and use it for dish storage.
Lawyer’s Bookcase in the Kitchen by Sarah Coffey

4 Paint your bookshelves a funky color, such as Benjamin Moore’s “Prairie Green.”
Painted Bookshelves in a Colorful Library by Janel Laban

5 Add vintage “library-like” accessories, such as a bust or card-catalog pulls.
Vintage Library Style Roundup by Sarah Rainwater

6 Put one funky bookshelf into the mix, like this city map shelf bookcase by Markus Fischer.
City Map Shelf Bookcase by Markus Fischer by Molly Anderson

7 Use a bookshelf to divide your spaces.
Inspiration: Using Your Bookcase as a Room Divider by Beth Zeigler

8 Use bookcases or a bookshelf as a headboard.
Bookshelf Headboards by Regina Yunghans

9 Add sliding chalkboard covers.
Flickr Find: Catherine’s Before and After Bookshelf by Beth Zeigler

10 If you don’t like the look of shelves, make them invisible.
How To: Make Your Own Invisible Bookshelf Regina Yunghans

11 Don’t forget to bulk-up your design section with the classic books for decorating and design a home.
Setting Up Home: A Basic Reading List by Leah Moss

12 And don’t forget about this year’s stunners, either.
10 New Design Books for the Wishlist by Janel Laban

13 For something really funky, turn the spines in on your bookshelves.
Bookshelf Display: Book Spines Turned In by Geoff Bentz

14 Let’s not forget the color debate. Is organizing by color fabulous or awful? Good Quotes: On Arranging Books by Color by Gregory Han

15 Lastly, remember that lived-in libraries are homey and cozy. It’s okay if they accumulate a bit of ordered clutter, or are full to bursting.
Lived-In Libraries by Ronee Saroff