Life-at-Home Stages: Are You an Active or Passive Home Decorator?

Life-at-Home Stages: Are You an Active or Passive Home Decorator?

Taryn Williford
Aug 20, 2015

Not all decorators are created equal. A new homeowner, for instance, has a wildly disparate lifestyle than someone who's lived in the same apartment for 10+ years. Weekends look different. Shopping trips look different. Even your web history looks different. Read on as we examine the things that separate the active decorators from the passive decorators, and determine which of these two totally different stages of nesting seems more like you right now.

Signs You're Actively Decorating

Active decorators are usually in the midst of a life change, like moving into a brand new apartment, or maybe co-habitating in an old one for the first time. Or perhaps you found a bit of extra money somehow, and it's inspiring you to spend a bunch all at once to redecorate.

Shopping Habits

Weekend plans are always centered around "the house." As in, going to the store Saturday because the house needs curtains, then probably heading to the nursery Sunday for some plants for the patio. Shopping trips are like a to-do list, you always come home with something. You're more likely to settle on the best option at a store in order to finish the trip and finally take something back with you.


Actively decorating a home isn't a much different lifestyle than a couple planning a wedding or getting ready for a new baby. Pinterest is your life. You're developing plans, and seeking out inspiration. There's a lot of pressure to define your style. You're seeking out guidance for how things around your home should be set up, as well as some actionable ideas and projects you can get started on right away.

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Signs You're in the Passive Decorating Stage

You've been in your home for a while. It's not done done, but you have everything you need. And you're finally at the point where you understand the motto, "decorating is a journey, not a destination."

Shopping Habits

Home shopping isn't a priority anymore. But when you do venture out, you spend more time shopping at flea markets and their ilk than any of the big box stores. That's because you don't have a list. You might make 20 fruitless shopping trips before bringing a find back home, but you're more likely to come home with something of quality and that's perfectly in tune with your tastes. Your purchases begin to find you, instead of the other way around.


You probably don't think too much about decorating. The furniture hasn't moved in a while. Friends seem to know where everything is. Even if your home was designed with themes and color schemes in mind, you're finding that you're more willing to let those aesthetic constructs go in favor of just letting your home be lived in. You're interested in home maintenance, clever tips and how to keep things fresh.

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Tell us: Does this resonate with you? Which stage are you in?

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