Kindergartners Have Life Figured Out: Life-Changing Lessons from the 5-and-Under Set

Kindergartners Have Life Figured Out: Life-Changing Lessons from the 5-and-Under Set

Caroline Biggs
May 26, 2017
(Image credit: Javier Diez/Stocksy)

Everything we ever need to know we learned in kindergarten. Sure it's a popular adage but does that really ring true in adulthood? Turns out that a lot of those elementary lessons—think: the golden rule and the importance of nap time—are still pretty on point for how we should be acting as grownups. Read on for why you should find the nearest five-year old the next time you need some life-changing advice.

1. Clean up your own mess

Whether building blocks or dirty dishes, always cleaning up after yourself—and putting things back where you found them—will make your daily life less chaotic and housekeeping so much easier.

2. Sharing is caring

Just like we learned in the classroom, generosity—especially to those in times of need—is gift that keeps on giving.

3. Take naps

Naps are awesome (especially after storytime and milk). And if you're an adult, a nice 20-30 minute siesta everyday is also really good for your health and productivity, too.

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5. Treat others how you want to be treated

The golden rule reigns supreme for a reason. No matter how old you are, treating others with respect is key to cultivating successful relationships.

6. Wash your hands before eating

Seems simple enough but you'd be shocked at how easy it is to forget to wash your hands before chowing down on a big meal—or more importantly, how many germs you're spreading as a result.

7. Look both ways before you cross the street

That means to the left and to the right; especially if you're on your phone!

8. Listen

Whoever is talking has something to say. Whether it's a friend, teacher, or parent, learn to open your ears when someone is speaking to you and truly tune into what they're telling you.

9. Ask for help

Whether it's directions or a job recommendation, it's necessary to ask for help sometimes. The ability to put your pride aside and seek advice from colleagues and loved ones speaks volumes about your character (and your maturity).

10. Play fair

No one likes a cheater. That's why when playing games in life (and love), it's crucial to look out for your teammates and not play dirty. Following the rules might not be as much fun as breaking them, but taking the high road is always a safe bet.

11. Read out loud

Whether you're reading a birthday card or drafting an important email, reciting the words out loud—just as books were read to you in grade school—will help improve your writing and your memory.

12. Say you're sorry when you're wrong

Seems like a no-brainer, but it's important to remember to apologize whenever you make a mistake. Whether to a partner, friend, or colleague, knowing when to check your ego and express remorse makes you a better person (and employee).

13. Use your imagination

Dream big. Coloring outside of the lines—i.e. thinking outside of the box—will take you much further in life than being just like everyone else.

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