Life on the Road and Sea: 5 Stories

Life on the Road and Sea: 5 Stories

Sarah Coffey
Aug 19, 2009

Ever wonder what it would be like to take a year off and travel across the country in an RV? Or sell all your stuff and start again on a house boat? Yeah, us too. For us, traveling cross-country is one of those things on our "someday" list, but for the people in this post, it's a reality that they've been able to share through their stories...

  • Mark, who set out on the road with his girlfriend, Katie, in a T@B trailer, says, "Seeing the landscape of America unfold in front of me is continually mesmerizing. I can't tell you how many times per day my jaw drops at an unexpected marvel -- a yellowing field of soy in Central Illinois, or an old building with a slanted roof in Milwaukee, or the uncommonly high proportion of stop signs in a small town in Michigan."
  • Navah Paskowitz grew up traveling the country with her parents and 8 brothers in a small camper. In the film, Surfwise, she recounts, "Nobody would ever believe the experiences my brothers and I had together. I wouldn't change it for the world."
  • Louise Horner, who lives with her husband, dog, two fish, and four cats in a 39-foot RV, says, "The most important way we reduce clutter is simply by having less stuff... For our life of travel, less is definitely more. The reward has been freedom, simplicity, and happiness."
  • From Sara Janssen, who hit the road with her husband Matt and daughter Bella: "I love that we are in such close quarters…our family life thrives because there is no where to "get away" from each other. We are in constant conversation. It's also great that we can see Bella no matter where she is playing...and that we are so involved in her life. I also love that we can completely open the RV up and have fresh air blowing through…or decide to eat outside whenever we want."
  • Julie and Soeren, who live on a houseboat in Copenhagen, say that they're trying "to live a simple life and try not to become too square and locked in our way of thinking."

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    Photos: Christopher Barrett, Magnolia Pictures, Sara Janssen, Louise Horner, Jill Slater

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