Consciously Uncoupled: 7 Solo Activities to Enjoy This Winter
Two major things tend to happen come winter: One, it gets cold and finding things to do—honestly, just leaving the house—becomes a chore. And two, if you’re single, it feels like everyone around you is coupling up. Winter feels like a time to be cozy and romantic, but sometimes the best thing you can do is take this time to focus on yourself.
Nov 11, 2016
Pro Designer Solutions for Sharing a Small Space Studio
When you have only 350 square feet to work with, you’ve got to be smart with space-maximizing solutions to create a home that’s both functional and nice to look at. When you share that very small space with another person, you’ve got to be even smarter! Thankfully, designer Natasha — of Natasha & Rob’s Super Smart Small Space video house tour — shared some of the secrets her and her husband credit to living successfully in a super small space.
Nov 11, 2016
Do Millennials Make the Worst Houseguests? The Bad Behavior Study
The short answer? Yes—Millennials do make the worst houseguests, according to a recent study from HomeAdvisor. But the reality behind it is a little more nuanced than it seems. In the study, 2,000 people in the U.S. were asked to confess both their biggest pet peeves and their worst houseguest habits, from a list of 27 bad behaviors. Each generation—Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers—had a slightly different take on what bothered them most.
Nov 7, 2016
Want To Share a Small Space With Your Sweetheart? Do It! (But Remember These Less-Romantic Realities)
Moving to a new place with a significant other is a big deal, no matter if it’s your first time moving in with someone, or you and your sweetheart are upgrading addresses. Though there are lots of awesome things about sharing a small space with someone you love, moving into a small space with your significant other can be significantly more complicated if you’re not prepared for the downsides.
Nov 2, 2016
Odd (Wo)Man Out: How to Survive Cuffing Season When You’re Always the Third Wheel
Winter is almost upon us, and that means that cuffing season is in full swing. (Cuffing season, if you’re not familiar, is when the weather gets colder and it feels like everyone you know is getting into a relationship.) Love is in the air, but if you’re not in a relationship, that can leave you in a tough spot—you know, as the third…or fifth, or seventh…wheel in a group of couples.
Nov 1, 2016
My Real Life Social Experiment: How I Learned to Date Smarter (By Not Taking Tinder Seriously)
The last time I got into a serious, “official” romantic relationship, I wasn’t even old enough to go to a bar. I met my college boyfriend not long before I turned 20—two full years before Tinder was even released—and I ended things with him when I was just a few months shy of turning 24. Our breakup was a decision I felt good about for several reasons. The relationship was long distance, but mostly, it was unhealthy.
Oct 27, 2016
The Home Decor Questions You Didn’t Know You Wanted Us to Ask, Answered
Have you caught on to the fact that we happen to find Rory and his shared vibrant urban jungle LA paradise pretty darn fantastic? We’ve gotten him to share the secrets of sharing an apartment (with no separate bedroom) with another person. He’s graciously given us a more in-depth look at his closet. In this post he and his boyfriend Chris answer eight burning home decor questions you never realized you wanted us to ask, but you’ll be happy we did. Rory: His attitude.
Oct 27, 2016
Life, After You Move In Together: What It’s Like to SHARE a Studio
890 square feet isn’t exactly tiny, but with the lack of walls or doors, this high-rise jungle paradise in downtown LA has the potential to be a too-small leopard-print jail cell when two people share this space. Chris and Rory’s home is definitely giving off studio apartment vibes and is PACKED with personality, color, pattern and clothes. So how do two people with big personalities fit into a one-room home?
Oct 24, 2016
How to Befriend Your Next-Door Neighbors (I Mean, If You Want To)
When you move into a new apartment building or a new neighborhood, do you try to make friends with your neighbors, or do you just go about your business? Sometimes, it makes sense to keep to yourself, but if your neighbors seem like the kind of people you’d like to get to know, it might be worth it to put yourself out there a little bit.
Oct 23, 2016
Real Couples on the Best Things About Sharing a Small Space
We all know that living in a small space has its benefits — cheaper rent, better locations and more — but sharing that small space with another person…well that can get a little tricky. Sure, there are downsides, but let’s choose to focus on the positive! These five real couples revealed what they think the best thing about sharing a small space with someone else is.
Oct 21, 2016
How Newlyweds Share a Small Apartment (Stylishly & Successfully)
Franke and Jason have shared this small, sky-high Chicago studio for just over year, and considering they just tied the knot, I’d say the studio living experiment (this is the first studio apartment for both of them) has been a success! Read about how they survive sharing a small home, the best (and worst) parts about living in a studio and more. Franke: We’ve lived in four one-bedroom apartments together over the past ten years.
Oct 18, 2016
How to Leave a Friendship (Gracefully, and Without Hurt Feelings)
Raise your hand if you’ve ever been dumped and heard the words “just friends.” We’ve all been there—and we’ve probably all used the same lame excuse to break up with someone, too. “Just friends” is such a common way to let someone down gently, but when you really think about it, it doesn’t make much sense.
Oct 12, 2016
Inside the Quirky AF Home Life of a Rad Roommate Trio
This Silver Lake rental has plenty of physical characteristics to be envious of: charming architectural features, big windows and eclectic furnishings. But it’s not the objects that make this house so special — it’s the trio of creative women who call this space home. Because I secretly wish I was their fourth roommate, I delved more into their home life. Spoiler Alert: They spend typical evenings building puzzles, playing guitar and making you want to be friends with them.
Sep 28, 2016
One Couple’s Secrets to Sharing 350 Square Feet (After Downsizing from 2,500!)
I love a tiny, cozy space. My apartment’s no palace, but it’s plenty of room for me. But when I invite people over, it’s painfully clear that I don’t have a lot of square feet to work with. So when two people (and a dog) call a 350-square foot studio apartment home, I’ve got to know their secrets to pulling it off. Thankfully, Robyn and John were willing to spill the beans on small space sharing.
Sep 26, 2016
Tinder Conversation Starters That Actually Work
Some people may think that using Tinder is more like looking for love in all the wrong places, but the popular dating app has some distinct advantages over other sites. It cuts down on harassment because only people you match with can contact you and it helps you find people who are in your neighborhood. Alas, the one thing Tinder still hasn’t solved? The whole “breaking the ice” thing.
Sep 22, 2016
Real Life in a Small Space: How This Couple Makes a Tiny Studio Work
Andy, Danielle and two cats share a 325 square foot studio in Chicago. Yes, you read that correctly: 325 tiny square feet. They not only do it stylishly, as evidenced by their house tour, but considering their big smiles (and the fact that they’re still living in the apartment together), they also share it successfully! I love this couple and their home, and had to ask them more questions about how they manage in so little square feet.
Sep 21, 2016
Sharing a Super Small Space: How Two People Live Well in Just 300 Square Feet
Joe and Keith’s Oakland apartment is impressive; it’s comfortable, stylish and full of cool art. But you know what is even more impressive? They make it work, day in and day out, living together in just 300 square feet. The guys generously gave us some of their tips on sharing such a small space… Yes Yes, not counting college dorms. Our good friends were living here before us and we had been over a few times for dinner.
Sep 13, 2016
Get Your Online Dating Profile in Shape for Cuffing Season
The warm weather is winding down and the leaves will soon start to turn, but that’s not the only change in the air. If it feels like people are settling down everywhere you turn, don’t worry, it’s not just you—cuffing season is upon us. Not everyone feels relationship-ready come the end of summer, but if you find yourself wishing for someone to come home to, it might be time to overhaul your dating apps. With a few tweaks, you can reach profile perfection.
Aug 31, 2016
How Long Do Most Couples Save for a Down Payment and How Much Do They Put Away Each Month?
In polite company, most people prefer to steer conversation away from the topic of money. And even if you do broach the subject of, say, buying a home with your friends, it’s likely that nobody in the circle will ever throw out a real dollar amount when discussing how much they’ve saved or spent in their quest to complete the American Dream.
Aug 23, 2016
Real as Hell: Family Life in the Entertainment Industry
A few key takeaways I learned from my time with the amazing Lucky Diaz and Alisha Gaddis: you can have both an Emmy and a Grammy and still have to scramble to find new housing when your lease is cut short. You can have a hit bilingual TV show and still ride your bike to an afternoon meeting. You can field phone calls about the Latin Grammys one minute and the logistics of your baby shower the next.
Aug 11, 2016
10 Super-Cheap Summer “Friend Date” Ideas
While your best bet for cheap winter entertainment might be holing up with Northern Exposure DVDs from the library, summer brings a bounty of ways to enjoy the longer days and warmer nights in a more social way, without blowing your budget. Here are 10 ways to have the best summer “friend dates” ever – on the cheap. Farmers’ Market Window Shopping: Farmers’ markets are so pretty and fun! And often full of samples!
Jul 21, 2016
Master the Art of Picking Up Friends: How To Ask that Cool Person on a First (Friend) Date
Like getting out of bed without your knees cracking, making friends is something that gets tougher as you get older. But here’s the thing: Everybody’s out there looking for new friends. Yep, even that really cool, funny gal you met at the supermarket checkout. So how do you go from small talk about kale to your first friend date? It’s as easy as 1-2-3: One of you has got to plant the seed that it might be fun to meet outside of the checkout line.
Jul 21, 2016
How Not to be “That Guy” When Invited to Use a Neighbor’s Pool
Among such blessings as an in-law with a rent-controlled apartment and a friend with the same shoe size, you’re truly lucky to know a warm neighbor with an even warmer pool. Here’s a short guide to navigating this social minefield with grace—five basic rules that ensure you don’t blow it. You’re reading this because, at some point, your neighbor suggested that you could come over to use their pool this summer.
Jul 18, 2016
Real Life Roommate Stories: What It’s REALLY Like to Live With Friends
Have you ever wondered what it might be like to share a home with your best friend? Or what being housemates with a friend does to a friendship? Susie (from Susie’s Fun Australian Home) shares the home she owns in Melbourne with her two housemates Bindy and Kerry. We asked her some questions about what it’s like living (and cooking, and entertaining and…) with friends, as well as if she’s got any advice for folks thinking about signing a lease with a buddy.
Jul 12, 2016
How Can I Non-Awkwardly Introduce Myself to My New Neighbors?
Q: I’m about to move into a new apartment building and I wanted to know whether leaving letters for my new neighbors would be a nice gesture or come off as weird/forward. In the past I’ve always fully intended to do a nice introduction with my neighbors, including giving them my contact info, but the first few times we’d bump into each other they or I would be hurrying off to something and we’d only really exchange names.
Jan 28, 2016
How To Be Roommates With a Best Friend & Survive (With Friendship Intact)
Though it’s universally considered a bad idea from many who have tried it before, moving in with a best friend can sometimes seem like just the thing you need in your life. All the fun you have with your best friend could be 24/7, you think! You’ll be different, you tell yourself. If you’re bound and determined to dive into a living situation with a best friend, consider these tips before you sign the lease. Of course, living with a best friend CAN be a ton of fun.
Aug 5, 2015
4 Signs You’re the Noisy Neighbor (& What You Can Do About It)
Unless you’ve been lucky enough to live in a modern wood cabin in the woods somewhere, you’ve probably had experience with noisy neighbors before in your life. Some inconsiderate intentionally, others just oblivious, it can be a bummer when your peace is interrupted by someone else’s noise pollution. Of course you can’t expect everyone to be perfectly silent all the time (and those in cities can expect a certain level of sounds all the time).
Apr 15, 2015