Lifegoods Two Lamps: A Stylish Two in One Solution

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We were pretty impressed by the Swiss design studio Lifegoods when we saw the Two-Lamps desk lamp. It combines two lamps into one, a flashlight and a desk lamp. Lifegoods’ most recent work was featured in Inside Magazine.

It has happened to everyone. You are at your desk, working away into the late evening. Suddenly, you need illumination, a lot of it. You need to search for something, you heard something, or you just dropped something. Looking through the mess of wires underneath your desk also requires a flashlight. With the Two-Lamp desk lamp, all you have to do is grab the sturdy handle and use the LED light for illumination. It’s a novel concept that has a lot of applications.

[via Swissmiss]