Lightbulb Wars Review: Philips 12.5W AmbientLED A19

Lightbulb Wars Review: Philips 12.5W AmbientLED A19

Light Bulb:
Price: $24.97 at Home Depot
Household Use: Table and floor lamps, overhead, pendants, ambient
Light Appearance: Soft white, 2700k
Incandescent It Replaces: 60-watt
Overall Rating: Strong Recommend*

I've spent a fair amount of time writing about LEDs and specifying them for clients, but using them in my own home — not until now. I was super excited to try one out, and very pleased with the results.

The Test

Control Bulb: Sylvania Soft White Incandescent
Primary Use Table reading lamp
Time of Day Tested: Evening

How It Performed: This particular bulb was easy to find as it was available online, but I eventually purchased it at my local Home Depot. It's an A19 bulb, so it easily replaces your classic incandescent bulb and could fit in most fixtures. It has a nice heft, much more than an incandescent or CFL, and because it doesn't have any thin glass I wasn't as worried about it breaking. It is, however, yellow and gray, and may not look great in exposed bulb style light fixture.

As far as how it performed, I was blown away. Essentially there was no significant visible difference between it and the control incandescent bulb. It was instant-on (no delays), threw plenty of bright warm light, and the color was great. Additionally, unlike the incandescent, which got too hot to touch within a matter of minutes, this bulb stayed cool.

If you're ready to try out an LED, I'd strongly recommend this particular model — you won't be disappointed. The price is higher than less efficient bulbs, but you won't need to change the bulb or buy a new one for many, many years.

More Facts About This Light Bulb

Dimmable? Yes
Brightness: 800 lumens
Estimated Yearly Energy Cost: $2.50
Life: 15 years / 25,000 hours
Energy Used: 12 watts

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