Lighting By Gregory Bummer

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We list Lighting by Gregory in our Guide, and have had a pretty good experience with them, but we keep hearing about awful experiences. Here is the lastest that came in last week:

I ordered a ceiling fan from Lighting by Gregory in July, and didn’t receive it till mid September (i.e. after summer ended). I had to chase them down, bully customer service, and basically threaten to track down their senior management in order to get a response.

Repeatedly, they just tried to give me a refund rather than deal with the problem-including the head of Customer Service! It’s one thing to be out of stock, it’s another thing to avoid responding to email queries and phone calls asking for an estimated delivery date. I pointed out that if they had simply just called to let me know the status, I could have ordered another ceiling fan and avoided the headache. No point in being nice on the first go round with them–they only respond to being pissed off. I would NEVER recommend this place unless you really can’t afford to go elsewhere…and then I’d just wait and save my $$ Kristine