Spencer Finch's Moonlight and Moondust

Spencer Finch's Moonlight and Moondust

Sarah Coffey
Jun 28, 2010

Maxwell's earlier post on the best outdoor string lights reminded us of this breathtaking installation by American artist Spencer Finch. These photos were taken last year at the Venice Biennale inside an old stone room with incandescent bulbs strung from the ceiling like fairy lights. Not the easiest DIY, but worth a shot if you really love it and you've got a huge loft or an outdoor space where you could pull off a similar look.

The room actually houses more than one artwork: Moonlight refers to the windows that look like stained glass, thanks to the installation of various colored filters. Moondust is the hanging light sculpture. The photos also show a freestanding sculpture, in the center of the room, by another artist.

Spencer Finch is a Massacusetts-born artist working in many different media. His light installations tend to be constructed from basic materials — like white bulbs and colored filters — and he almost always reveals the frame on which the whole piece rests.

For this installation, he created a metal grid that's hung from the ceiling (sort of like a pot rack). Plugs are strapped to the grid and cords hang down in various places. Each cord branches out into a few different bulbs. Sizes of the bulbs vary, but they all emit a similar incandescent glow and form a kind of hovering light-cloud when viewed from far away.

We're not so naive as to think you could get the same result by strapping some Christmas lights to a DIY grid made of 1x1s, but we have seen fairy lights, string lights, and LEDs used in similar ways, and we love the idea of creating a 'light cloud' of our own.

What do you think? Is this a DIYable idea and, if so, how would you do it?

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Photos: Sarah Coffey

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