Linoleum Godzilla in BKLYN

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This just in. We well remember pulling up layers of linoleum in our first apartment in China Town, trying to get down to the nice wood floors. It seems a whole new generation of building owners is using this cheap cover up again….

I wanted to let you in on a very unfortunate trend I’ve noticed this past month. I’ve been apartment hunting like crazy in Brooklyn, trying to find an affordable place to rent.

Many of places are renovated–but they’re renovated up the wazoo with linoleum.

I’m talking linoleum in the kitchen, living room and bedroom! It’s awful and it kills me that these places just won’t spring for the cash for new wood floors. 10 of 20 places I’ve seen have it! It’s destroying perfectly fine apartments. Has anyone else experienced this?

Thanks, Kelly