Liquavista's Smartly Dressed Up Mobile Phone

Liquavista's Smartly Dressed Up Mobile Phone

Range Govindan
Dec 15, 2008

Here at Unplggd, we love E ink. The new display technology that is used in the Amazon Kindle and the fabulous E Ink Esquire cover is going to revolutionize displays, since power consumption is extremely low compared to our power hungry LED screens. Liquavista promises a new type of way of integrating E ink displays to consumer devices.

The design firm Seymour Powell has come up with an interesting design using E ink display for cell phones. Liquavista's technology is akin to the E ink and E paper that we've seen before. The concept phone by Seymour Powell is draped in E ink displays, making accessing information a lot easier. They've also launched a few other case studies using this technology, like watches.

When it is used, it becomes an interactive display. From the description, we aren't sure if E ink is used for the inside display. It's either that or OLEDs. From what we've read, E ink is shaping up to be a good competitor to OLEDs. Does that mean that if a device uses E ink it can't use OLEDs? We don't know, but display technology will benefit from a bit of healthy competition. For a time, we wouldn't be surprised to find cell phones with both types of displays. E ink could be naturally used on external display because of extremely low power consumption. OLEDs could be used in the internal displays.

It's going to be really interesting to see how these technologies will be used in the future. What's good is that we won't see the type of one type solution like what happened in the Blu-ray vs HD-DVD competition. This just means better innovations for consumer products. [via TrendsNow]

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