(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We love craigslist. Many pieces of our current lives, including our current apartment, came together through craigslist. But we’ve often wished the UI (user interface) was a little more user-friendly. Endlesly clicking and browsing through multiple listings individually, some with pics and some without, to find the Perfect Thing for Very Little Money can really eat into living one’s life.

Clearly other folks share this sentiment. Enter Ryan Sit of Freestyle Labs, a San Diego-based developer. Sit has masterminded a visual interface for craigslist called ListPic. And ListPic provides a better, more visual way to look at craigslist.

To use ListPic, by contrast, all you have to do is click your category from a master menu (oh, say, furniture for sale in the Bay Area) and voila, a page is created for you that features a scannable quilt of thumbnail pics along with the price and location of each. Easy.

As we said, we love craigslist, but ListPic makes us love it even more.

(Thanks for the tip, jenny309!)