Displaying Lists, Notes & Emergency Info at Home

Displaying Lists, Notes & Emergency Info at Home

Catrin Morris
Mar 24, 2011

Although much of our organizational and logistical systems can be paperless these days, actual hard copies are necessary when it comes to emergency contact information and other important instructions or lists. This is especially important for those times when you — and your smart phone — are not around for the others at home to access this needed information. I am a list person. But I am also someone who doesn't like visual clutter (no photos or magnets adorn my fridge). How do I keep contact information and other lists clearly displayed without sacrificing my love for clear, uncluttered surfaces?

As a mother of two accident-prone kids, we have a steady stream of babysitters in our home, some of whom are more experienced than others (to put it lightly). So I have typed up a simple list of critical contact numbers, including friends, neighbors, doctors and local emergency services. The font is small on a tiny square of paper. But it stands out because it is the only thing affixed to the fridge. On the inside of our food cabinet I have taped a rather large fold-out instruction manual on what to do in case of choking and how to administer CPR (Image 1).

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On the inside door of the spice cabinet above the stove I have stuck two pieces of paper (Images 2 and 3). One is a guide on how to put out various types of kitchen fires and the other (and this is where I get serious dork points) is a typed list of all the spices currently stocked in the cabinet. You see, I don't cook a lot so when I do I can never remember whether I have a certain spice required for a given recipe. So instead of having to search through all the spices I can refer to my list (which gets updated by pencil whenever I add to the inventory). I typed the list because I have atrocious handwriting and knew I would just get more confused trying to decipher my scrawl at the 11th hour of meal planning.

So, those are the lists and guides in my home. What paper-based information is really necessary to display in a home? What "hard copies" do you have affixed to your walls or fridge?

Images: 1-3: Catrin Morris; 4: Child Safety Experts

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