Lists to Always Keep On Your Flash Drive or PDA

Lists to Always Keep On Your Flash Drive or PDA

Taryn Williford
Feb 4, 2009

With the insane amount of space that we can have constant and portable access to these days (Hello 2TB memory stick!), there are opportunities to really make good use of portable memory—whether on a flash drive or stored on your cell phone or iPod Touch. For instance, try keeping these lists handy... you'll need to have the info on you one day and you'll thank us...

The David Allen Company is a professional consulting organization and actually a great source for tips that can enhance your own personal productivity. We found this "List of Lists," and while some ideas were best suited to Fortune 500 CEOs (Like keeping a list of "things to do and think about when I'm in Napa Valley, London or Santiago," ha!), others just seemed like great advice from a friend.

Keep these lists on your PDA or portable memory device and have the info you need at your fingertips just when you need it:

  • Account and $ numbers—credit card numbers, PINs, etc. Just make sure that if you're keeping this list, it's in a secure spot thats at the very least password protected.

  • Basic personal numbers for yourself and family members—drivers license, tag numbers, social security, insurance policies. These could come up when filling out different forms.

  • Birthdays, if you don't put them on your digital calendar.

  • Gifts, either organized by people and/or a general list of neat things to buy for others (the source of this list suggests generic, but thoughtful, things like fresh maple syrup from Vermont and a link to a site where it could be bought). Great for birthdays, hostess gifts, ad-hoc niceness and Christmas time.

  • Previous addresses and employers—keep at least your last three.

  • Style or product numbers you may need when you're buying things—oil filter, vacuum cleaner bags, etc.

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