Lite Brite Neon: Neon Sconces, Chandeliers, & More

This New York store is in the black books of decorators, window designers, and retailers in NYC and across the country. They’ve done custom work for everyone from DIA (the contemporary art foundation) to Marc Jacobs.

Based in Brooklyn, Lite Brite has had a studio since 1997 and a retail line since 2005. Their main focus continues to be custom work, but you can buy a few of their cold cathode lighting designs directly, including floor lamps, chandeliers, and sconces.

Prices aren’t cheap for these handcrafted pieces. Sconces start at $1,400, chandeliers at $2,400, candelabras at $3,000, and floor lamps at $4,000. Shipping and installation costs extra.

One particularly nice feature: neon lamps are available with built-in dimmers. And since they’re handcrafted, they can be produced in custom sizes, colors and dimming options. For more information, visit Lite Bright online.


  1. Chandelier designed for Lee Bryan Interiors, Atlanta, GA, 2005
  2. Bliss Spa, Atlanta, GA, 2009
  3. Neon Artwork for Glenn Ligon, RugenFigur, 2009
  4. Custom Installation, 2008
  5. Bergdorf Goodman, January 2010
  6. Marc Jacobs, 2010
  7. Moss, 2007
  8. Moss, 2007
  9. Target, 2005
  10. Chandelier, 2006