10 Little Luxuries That Made Our Homes Feel More Expensive in 2023

published Dec 7, 2023
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Feeling like your apartment is stuck in a decor stand-still, with the same old look becoming a bit too familiar? Well, don’t fret! Our editors have your back with a curated collection of home decor delights that can instantly breathe new life into your space. From the irresistible charm of a Le Creuset tapas dish set to the cozy glow emanating from a Nest candle, these are the little luxuries that have transformed our editors’ homes in 2023 and can do the same for yours in 2024 — all without burning a hole in your pocket.

We’re here to rescue you from the same old, same old, and share the fabulous home decor that injects life into our own living spaces and, in return, yours too. There’s no need for a major overhaul or a hefty budget — just a sprinkle of our editor-loved magic. It’s time to shake off your decor fatigue and infuse a breath of fresh, luxurious air into your surroundings. Your apartment is about to undergo a stylish makeover, and we’ve got just the right tricks up our sleeves to make it happen.

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Neiman Marcus

It takes more than just laundry detergent and perfume to make our clothes smell luxurious, and one secret our shopping writer Nikol has is this Tuscan Fig Scented Ceramic Tag. "I received this ceramic tag earlier this year, and I love it," says Nikol. "It comes with a small vial of fig-scented perfume, which I spray directly onto the tag. I keep it in my sweater drawer, and it makes the entire drawer smell nice! I was keeping bars of soap in my drawers before, but this is a much more luxe alternative." Pro tip: You can spray it with other fragrances if you're not into its fig scent. Talk about a luxurious upgrade!

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Le Creuset
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The perfect size for serving appetizers, dips, and spreads, these tapas dishes elevate any tablescape. But if you're not a big cook, senior commerce editor Alicia uses them for another purpose. "I was gifted this beautiful tapas set. I'm honestly not a huge cook or entertainer, so instead of letting these gather dust in my kitchen cabinets, I'm using all three for catch-all trays throughout my apartment. They're serving as a unifying design element in my apartment, and they even make my clutter look more luxurious!" These trays are scratch-resistant too, making them even more of a catch.

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There's something about matches that feels so luxe. Maybe it's the woody smell or the satisfying sizzle when they light up, but they get the job done. The only hiccup? Figuring out where to stash them. Thankfully, commerce editorial assistant Morgan found this iridescent match cloche. "It's a stunning little piece of decor in my living room, and it makes lighting a candle feel so much more luxe as opposed to using a lighter or standard matchbook!" She says. Available in four colors, there's bound to be one to match your home. Pun intended.

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A huge part of making our homes feel luxurious is smell, and what better way to do it than with a candle? Commerce SEO editor Sarah swears by this Nest candle's fragrance. "When I first smelled this candle years ago, I knew it would be a consistent repurchase for me, and it has been ever since," she says. "It instantly makes your space smell like an upscale spa, so whenever I’m looking to elevate my space (and unwind), I always light it." Expect this candle to last 50 to 60 hours with a clean, even burn.

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A bathmat is often a decor item we overlook. After all, it is for our feet. But did you know a bathmat can completely transform your space? According to our style shopping editor, Blair, it made her rental bathroom a whole new room. "Never in a million years did I think I could set foot in my dingy rental bathroom and say, 'Wow, I really love it in here,'" She says. "But my world (and bathroom) was forever changed once I bought Kassatex’s scalloped bath mat, designed in collaboration with Chairish. It comes in eight different cottagecore-inspired color pairings, from peach with a berry border to white and yellow. I went for the blue and forest green style — soft, cozy, and sophisticated-looking." Blair says she smiles each time she passes it, and that alone is worth it!

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Not only is this milk glass catchall basically a piece of art, but it’s super versatile, too. Commerce managing editor, Tamara, writes, "I use mine to hold matches and my candle wick trimmer, but you can use it for oh-so-many things. Use it to hold your sponge in the kitchen, soap in the bathroom, or as a candy dish — the options are endless!" Pair this with other goodies — like earrings or rings — for a unique look anyone will adore.

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This lamp strikes the delicate balance between classic and modern, which is what senior commerce editor Alicia likes so much about it. "It’s a little luxury that I’m happy to recommend to everyone and anyone who will listen. If you’re looking for an affordable way to change the vibe of your space, I think the Globe Electric x Novogratz 2-Light Table Lamp is the perfect way to do it." And with it being on sale, it's a great time to snatch one up!

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Continuing on the scent train, this Natural Travertine Incense Holder is high-quality and can be used for sage, incense sticks, and more. I've been on a huge stone kick lately; there's something about it that looks so high-end. So when I stumbled across this gorgeous handmade incense holder on Amazon, I knew I had to have it. I don't even use incense, but I have a feeling I'm about to. This holder is especially great for those who enjoy meditation, yoga, or aromatherapy.

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There's nothing that makes homes look the opposite of luxe cough cheap cough than a fake plant that looks fake. It's all about the ones that look real, am I right? This won our Best List because it felt and looked so realistic. "I have a real pothos that does not look as majestic as this one yet (though it is working very hard on it!)," says senior commerce editor, Alicia. "So I believe it gives my real pothos motivation to grow, and it adds a lush touch of greenery to the top of my bookshelf, which makes my space feel more homey." Greenery — and we mean the right greenery — can almost always elevate your home, and this Natural Touch Pothos will do the trick.