FYI: You Can Now Buy Live Houseplants at West Elm

published Jan 7, 2020
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It wasn’t too long ago that the only way you could buy a houseplant was to pick one up at a local greenhouse or home improvement store. Now, houseplants can be ordered from tons of reputable places online, and thanks to the ease of internet shopping, it feels like it’s more unusual to not have a plant baby of your own. The plant parenthood trend is so widespread that even your favorite home retailers are adding both real and faux plants to their inventory—including West Elm, which just announced a collaboration with Bloomscape to sell live houseplants on their site.

West Elm already sells plenty of faux plants, but this new partnership lets West Elm join the ranks of retailers who also sell live plants, including Terrain, Etsy, and even Urban Outfitters (which sells live succulents). Similar to The Sill, Bloomscape delivers healthy plants straight to your door from the greenhouse—but unlike other companies, Bloomscape is capable of shipping even extra large plants to anywhere in the continental U.S. Five of Bloomscape’s most popular plants are being sold through West Elm, complete with their own pot in one of three colors.

Credit: Bloomscape

Bloomscape Potted Monstera Plant

The Monstera‘s unconventional leaves make them a fun addition to any space—and when treated right, they can grow quite large. They prefer a sunny spot (but not too bright), and are a good low-maintenance option for those new to caring for plants. Also note that they aren’t pet-friendly, so you’ll want to avoid if you have a dog or cat.

Buy: Bloomscape Potted Monstera Plant, $150

Credit: Bloomscape

Bloomscape Potted Philodendron Heartleaf Plant

Looking for something easy? The Philodendron can tolerate pretty much any environment, but it especially thrives in bright indirect light and higher humidity. They grow long and fast, and if you place one up high you’ll be rewarded with leafy vines. Make sure you trim any dead or damaged leaves to keep your plant happy, and take note that it is also toxic to pets.

Buy: Bloomscape Potted Philodendron Heartleaf Plant, $35

Credit: Bloomscape

Bloomscape Potted Fiddle Leaf Fig

One of the most recognizable houseplants, Fiddle Leaf Figs are popular for a reason. Tall and distinctive, it has very large leaves and prefers direct sunlight (just make sure to rotate it every few months). It needs plenty of water and thrives in warm climates—you’ll need to mist its leaves frequently during the winter months to keep it happy. It’s also mildly toxic to animals.

Buy: Bloomscape Potted Fiddle Leaf Fig, $195