Live The House You Want Now

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We bumped into an old friend the other day and she was sharing about her small home and small shed-turned-office. (House tour very soon!) We could tell by the way she was talking that she cared about her home and her dedication to making it functional and stylish. In our conversation she said “I am living in the house I want right now!”

We loved this thought! Many of us are not quite in our dream house yet (ok – some of us not even close). We are still renting or living in a home that is good for now. In our friend’s case, she made her good for now house into a version of her dream house. Here are just a few things you can do to make your current house more into your dream house.

1) Unpack everything. Even though you may have been living in your rental for a year or longer, you could have a few boxes still unopened. Commit to your space now and unpack all of your things.

2) Hang up your artwork. Like we just mentioned, commit to your home and hang up your favorite creative pieces. This artwork inspires you!! Why keep it hidden in a closet? Enjoy it – now!

3) Paint. If you really want to add that favorite color to your walls then do it. Painting is an affordable way to transform a space and your favorite color appearing on the walls in your right now home will make you feel great!

4) Buy that insanely expensive investment piece. If you love a piece and know you’ll have it forever, buy that investment piece now instead of waiting for your dream home to arrive in the future.

5) Share your right now home with your friends and entertain! You’ll always have on-going home projects and things you’d want to change in your right now house but you can still have that feeling in your dream house. A home (even a dream one) is always evolving because you are!! Invite your favorite people over and have some fun!

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