Live With What You Love: Rethinking Sustainability

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Last week Cambria wrote a wonderful post about Why Sustainability is Boring and Merely Consuming Less Misses the Point that advocates thoughtful choices instead of jumping on a bandwagon or living by catch phrases. With today being Valentine’s Day it seems like the perfect time to talk about living with what you really love as a strategy for crafting a more thoughtful existence.

Cambria made 4 points in her post:

  • Buy fewer things of higher quality that you’ll value more.
  • Practice appropriatism.
  • Heirloom, repairable, upgradable.
  • Be against throwawayism.

Those 4 points can pretty much be summed up with live with what you love. This doesn’t mean buy everything you like or even buy everything you love. But never buy something you don’t love. And more importantly: when you love it cherish it, care for it and avoid letting it go.

Only buy what you love.
Before buying something new (or new to you) for your home take some time, let your lust turn into love over a few weeks. Think hard about whether you need it, if it will compliment what you already own and if you truly love it. Once you’ve given time for your lust to grow into love for that new sofa or rug go ahead and buy it with confidence that you will have a long lasting relationship. This will avoid overspending and allow you to save up and buy those special items you thought would blow your budget.

Never, ever, buy something you don’t love.
Kiss impulse purchases goodbye. There is no reason to not love everything in your home. This only leads to throwing stuff away and buying more than you need. There should be no place in your home for things that don’t make your heart go pitter patter. If you don’t love it don’t buy it. Period.

When you love it cherish it and avoid letting it go.
You love it right? Show your love by taking care of the things in your home. Polish your furniture regularly (check out Michelle’s polish recipe here), reupholster tired pieces with fabric that keeps it fresh and bright, keep things clean and tidy and give them the care they deserve. By giving your home and the items within it the attention they are worthy of you can keep things looking great longer avoiding the impulse to replace them.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about your sweetie anymore. Give your home the love it deserves!