Liveblogging Day 12: A Sort-Of Book Purge

Liveblogging Day 12: A Sort-Of Book Purge

Tara Bellucci
Jan 17, 2013

Books are a hard thing for me to get rid of. I love my Kindle, but real paper books are my go-to when not reading on planes and trains with heavy hardcovers. Most of my collection are tried and true classics and favorites, pretty design books, and beloved cookbooks. Of course, there's some fat to be trimmed. Here's how a bibliophile managed to let some go.

The bookcase in my bedroom was the main target of today's purge. I'm fine with a full bookcase, but stuffed to the brim is another story. It was literally overflowing: onto my dresser, into piles on my desk, even on the floor. It needed a good weeding.

I gave my mother a copy of The Night Circus for Christmas, because it was one of my favorites that I read last year. She's nearly done with it, and I decided to send her some others from my collection. I love a good novel with an element of the absurd, which applies to most of the titles I'm shipping to Mom. She gets something new to read, plus I also get the books out of my house, but can get them back if need be. Triple win!

I applied this same tactic a little closer to home. I had an entire shelf filled with books on women, business, and positive psychology that I just don't need around all the time. Luckily, my women-focused co-working space was starting a lending library in our conference room. My books reside at work where they can benefit other people, they're out of my bedroom, and I can access them if need be. Another triple win!

A category I'm having trouble purging is the books I haven't read, but mean to. Anyone have any suggestions on how they have tackled this issue?

Day 12: Declutter Books & Media

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